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Our enterprise solution

Includes 3 state of the art products as standard

Add on modules: Billing, Tech SMS, Telephonic, Responder hardware

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Control room monitoring

The control room application helps us process alarms quicker. It’s linked with our powerful cloud engine so that it can automate 60% of all required dispatch processes, saving time for dispatchers.

False alarm management

Incoming alarms are filtered for false alarms so your team goes where they're needed

Auto alarm prioiritization

Alarms are ranked by priority by SEON's machine learning algorithm so the most important calls are attended to first

Fleet & Client communication

Auto sync critical information to your dispatch unit to speed up their response

Automated dispatch

The system stays on top of where your units are so your controllers can dispatch them even faster


Management information system

Our management information system (MIS) is a tool used by supervisors to access data analytics and track customer relations. It provides an overview of a security organisation's performance and helps identify areas that need improvement. MIS also houses the CRM/user database, making it a valuable resource for security businesses of all sizes.

Crime heat map

Utilise big data to proactively allocate resources to where they will likely be needed the most.

Client Database

Make use of big data to manage your clients by using our new and intuitive CRM and analytics engine.

Driving analytics

Evaluate your fleet’s performance by driver, location, vehicle and more

Client analytics

Pinpoint faulty systems quicker and project cost per client


Fleet app

Our fleet app is a GPS tracking system that allows for Dispatch of responders and enables faster responses through efficient navigation. it comes with post-incident digital reporting. This product is life-saving for communities as well as businesses.

Real time tracking

Send real time vehicle locations to the control room for accurate monitoring

Incident reporting

Responders can log information about any incidents that occur on the way to, from or at the response location

Auto status update

Send live status updates to the control room for arrival and completion alerts

Performance monitoring

Use the data collected on your response vehicles to continually analyze and improve performance

We believe in transparency and flexibility.

Our fees apply per client and can be scaled to your organisation’s size.

Book a demo to see our product in action. We’ll recommend a package based on your needs, or create a custom package that suits your business.

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Our integrations

Add integrations to your enterprise solution

Monitoring & Response
as standard

Base station integrations

Alarm monitoring

Client database

Mobile Apps

Fleet tracking


Management dashboard

Reporting engine

False alarm mitigation engine


Database import

Staff training

24\7 support

Technical module
Add on
Services for installation and business operations.

Electronic quotes

Digital job cards

Automated scheduling

Technician app

Inventory management

Billing Module
Add on
Services for all your payment, billing, and collections needs.

Automated invoicing

Debit order, Debicheck, EFY & credit card payment

Dynamic payment collection

Automated account reconciliation

Integration with Xero, Sage and quickbooks

Responder hardware
Add on
Services for providing responder hardware.

Samsung smart device

10GB data p. month

Lockdown software

Maintenance & updates

Telephonic module
Add on
Voice over Internet Protocol and internet services.

Reduced network cost

SMS module
Add on
Enterprise messaging services

Enterprise bespoke communication platforms

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