Emergency response,

Respond faster and save more lives by utilising the latest technology

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alarms processed

Respond to those in need faster, and more efficiently

Harness the power of SEON’s engine

Improved response time and automated dispatch

Live coordination between the control room and the responder

Focus on only what matters by filtering out false alarms

Optimize performance with custom, deep analytics

False alarm management

Incoming alarms are filtered for false alarms so your team goes where they're needed

Auto alarm prioiritization

Alarms are ranked by priority by SEON's machine learning algorithm so the most important calls are attended to first

Fleet & Client communication

Auto sync critical information to your dispatch unit to speed up their response

Real time vehicle tracking

Stay on top of where your fleet is so you know who to dispatch where

Real time tracking

Send real time vehicle locations to the control room for accurate monitoring

Incident reporting

Responders can log information about any incidents that occur on the way to, from or at the response location

Auto status update

Send live status updates to the control room for arrival and completion alerts

Performance monitoring

Use the data collected on your response vehicles to continually analyze and improve performance

Push notifications

Get notified of how far away the response unit is

False alarm cancellation

Cancel alarms triggered accidentally by the weather or loadshedding

GPS Panic Alert -
Track & Trace

Get help wherever you are at the push of a button

Profile updates

Keep important contact information up to date directly from the app

Consolidated analytics for performance optimization

Crime heat map

Use activity to build a crime heat map to better position dispatches

Operational costs

View cost breakdowns by responder, by client, by location and more

Driving analytics

Evaluate your fleet’s performance by driver, location, vehicle and more

Client analytics

Pinpoint faulty systems quicker and project cost per client

Seamless integration

SEON integrates easily into any alarm receiver.
Guaranteed no down time.

Manage all incoming alarms, communicate with your fleet and get key insights to improve performance, all in one place

Built on the world’s most secure cloud technology

SEON is built on Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Technology

SEON is fully GDPR compliant as well,  meaning that you can rest assured your clients’ data is always taken care of


October 8, 2020

Rhynhardt Trahms

Smhart Security

We launched in Grahamstown and made the strategic decision to use SEON's platform to ensure more accuracy & more efficient operations. Also, SEON allows us to onboard whole towns immediately instead of the traditional lag period due to the limitation of having to install alarm systems.

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