Cloud-native alarm monitoring

Cut down your emergency response times with next-generation monitoring software.
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Harness the power of cloud technology

With one easy-to use platform, you can manage your reaction teams and respond to your customers faster than ever before.
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Cut dispatch time by 60%

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Improved response time and automated dispatch

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Focus on only what matters by filtering out false alarms

Live coordination between the control room and the responder

Optimize performance with custom, deep analytics

Built on the world’s most secure cloud technology

SEON is built on Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Technology.

Being built for the cloud means that we can offer easy scalability, guarantee reliability and minimise redundancy.

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Integrates with most major alarm receivers, both soft and hard base stations.

Manage all incoming alarms, communicate with your fleet and get key insights to improve performance, all in one place.

Our partners

We intergrate with a variety of third-party service providers to ensure the very best user experience.

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Michael Kiessling

Managing Director at ASK Security

“Innovative thinking, modular approaches and system integration is the future, not only for us as a growing company but for everyone out there who wants to get away from the old school train. Working with the team from SEON has highlighted the above, and given us a new perspective on how to adapt and grow, ensuring we deliver exceptional services to our clients. Team SEON listened to our ideas and met them above and beyond our expectations, ensuring that we partner up with a forward thinking company. We are looking forward to growing this partnership for years to come."

Grant Noble

Financial Director at Vetus Schola

“Our engagement with SEON to date has exceeded all expectations. SEON’s willingness to work alongside us to fine-tune our control room management systems and client interactions has been very encouraging. We look forward to a long and healthy working relationship with SEON.”

CJ Rademeyer

IT Coordinator at Axon Security

“SEON has a dedicated team that work effortlessly to meet deadlines and requirements."

Lance Horne

Owner - Hornet Security

“We selected SEON as our armed response software partner as their technology architecture strategy lined up perfectly with our own. Aiming to be cloud based business we needed a business partner that was as responsive as we are for our clients - SEON is just that. With a modern software solution, and a great team at SEON, we have found a partner that we can grow with and that has the same values as our family run business. A great partner indeed!”

Nicolas Ansell

Director Armed Response at Princeton Security

“You guys are absolutely awesome. We love you!”


SEON offers a seamless user experience like no other.

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