The SEON Group

In July 2017, SEON Group was established in Hamburg, Germany. Since then, we have invested over 3 million Euros into the development of technology to enhance emergency services. SEON was awarded with the European Commission's seal of excellence and financial backing by the German Government Innovation Fund.


Signals transmitted


False alarms predicted


Petrol saved in liters.


Faster response times ( > 1 min)

Our Locations

German Engineering

When it comes to safety, there can be no room for error. SEON's in-house engineering team has been working on the world's finest machinery from Audi to Airbus and now has only one focus: Your safety

Trustworthy Expertise

Our team has decades worth of experience in the security industry.
Every day, millions of data packages from across the world are being processed by SEON.

Future Developments

When client need help, our R60,000,000 computer system spring into action. Within seconds, the nearest available response unit will have their exact location and profile information on their screen

Management Team

SEON's management team was carefully selected over the past two years. Finn Plotz (CEO) and Nils Löwe (CTO), as the two founding members of SEON, brought on board Michel Weiss (COO) and Alex Baisch (Director Africa) to amplify the team with a combined experience of 60 years in business management, entrepreneurship and start-up success. A strategic set of technology development skills, engineering, strategy, and business acumen make this a proven team in delivering SEON's mission and purpose.

Finn Plotz

Is a serial entrepreneur at heart and has founded his first venture at the ripe age of 17. Having worked his entire career in the high-tech and venture space, he is pushing our teams to be innovators and disruptors. As our CEO, Finn is responsible for overseeing the SEON group's strategy, venture story and team development.

Nils Löwe

Loves building excellent and reliable products.
From having worked on the Airbus A380's steering unit to a variety of IoT and cloud infrastructure - Nils knows how to do it all. One of Nils core values is doing something meaningful while leaving a positive, sustainable impact on this world. As our CTO, Nils controls the essence of SEON's business and translates customer needs into fantastic software that makes the world a better place.

Michel Weiss

 Has spent most of his career in venture building and bridging relations between private investors and startups. He holds a degree in Global Management and Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark. As our COO, Michel oversees SEON's international entities and the coordination of business processes. He focuses on aligning SEON's global framework with market needs, company targets and shareholder interest.

Alex Baisch

 Has spent the better part of his 25-year career as the CEO of his own organisation. Having started and developed numerous ventures into scalable institutions, he brings a wealth of business experience to the team. From founding industrial assets and commercial properties to conducting strategic mergers and acquisitions, Alex  can push any business into a scalable success.

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