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How much does SEON cost?
Is there a trial period?
Where do I get my login details?
What will upskilling of my staff look like?

Features & Functionality

Can responders refuse an alarm?
How many signals can SEON process simultaneously?
How does auto-dispatch work?
What built-in redundancy is there of the control room?
Do you have a technical job cards feature within the SEON software?
Do you have a billing feature within the SEON software?
How do we access the SEON Control Room & MIS?
Is SEON cloud or server-based?
What can clients control from the app?
When mapping an area are we able to geo fence sectors?

System compatability

Which base stations can I use with SEON?
What devices are compatible with the SEON Responder app?
What devices are compatible with the SEON End-User app?
How will SEON match our SOP?
What hardware will we need to run SEON?
How will SEON require my Controlroom to change?
How do we get our historic customer data into the SEON system?

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